These wipes are the BEST! I give them to everyone I see wearing glasses and they all say them same thing – FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work.
Gary McKeown, Business owner, Montreal, QC
"Best product"
I really love the Optico wipes. I’m a lawyer and having clean glasses is essential to my professional survival. The Optico wipes is the best product I’ve found to clean my lenses.
Maxime Turcotte, Attorney
"Wipes a joy to use"
I want to thank you for creating a product that consistently meets all the cleaning needs I have for my valuable (yet daily abused) electronics and eyewear. Grimy cell phone? No more. Finger smears on my glasses? Not a problem. The fact that I can carry a handful in my jacket and my laptop bag – and they don’t weigh anything or make a mess – gives me one less thing to worry about and makes your wipes a joy to use.
Frank D’Orsa, Techno Spec Electroplaters Inc., Canada
"By far the best"
I have tried many different kinds of cleaners for glasses and optical surfaces and without a doubt the Optico wipes are by far the best. They combine versatility, effectiveness and ease of use like no other product in the market, PERIOD! I use them every day and I take them with me wherever I go. Each time I use them people always ask about them and once I show them how great they are, they want to know where to buy them. I see more and more people using them everywhere!
Matt Mumley, Sales Director, Hockey Enthusiast
"Nothing cleans my lenses like Optico wipes"
Your wipes were originally referred to me for cleaning my plasma TV and computer screen, however, I now use them daily for cleaning my glasses. I’ve tried everything from those silk cloths to spray solutions but nothing cleans my lenses like Optico wipes.
Peter McCusker, Montreal, Canada
"Nothing cleans better"
I love the fact that I can count on the consistent good quality – I have been using them daily for years on my glasses and phone with great results – makes one less thing to worry about and your wipes are joy to use... nothing cleans better.
Michael Fogel, C.A., Canada
"Fantastic tool"
The hardest thing about Optico wipes is keeping some for myself. Word has spread among my colleagues that I have a fantastic tool for cleaning glasses, and I’m regularly out of supply.
David Tourrier, Attorney
"The best"
Optico Cleaning Wipes have become a staple in my purse. Gone are the days of using my shirt to clean my glasses. With the wipes my glasses are spotless -without streaks or lint and they even stay clean longer! Optico Cleaning Wipes are the best.
Shana Diamond, Controller and hard-working Mom
"A true love affair"
A true love affair. I wake up in the morning and before even opening my eyes, my hand reaches into my bedside basket which include my OPTICO cleaning wipes. I open one, still half asleep, and pull out the little magical wipe...my Roberto Cavalli glasses hear the ripping sound of the plastic and can’t wait for the perfect clean glass to be able to see the world...
Kathia Benchetrit, Business Advisor, Montreal
"I love my OPTICO wipes"
I love my OPTICO wipes! You know when you find a t-shirt that you love and that fits perfectly and then you buy one in every colour? That’s what it’s like with my OPTICO wipes. I know they are safe for my screens and lenses, so I have them everywhere, in my purse, in my car and at work. I even put them in the family’s stockings at Christmas!
Kim Reid, A happy customer!
"They are wonderful"
I always carry the Optico Cleaning wipes with me, they are wonderful to clean my cell phone, my laptop, my car instruments. My favourite part is sharing them with my friends, family and clients; they’re always amazed at how fantastic they work and then I know I got somebody else hooked... They NEED to know where to get them!
Roxanne Lafrance, Account Manager, Pointe-Claire, Qc
"Great, easy and fast"
Great, easy and fast, the Optico Wipes are great at cleaning all my lenses from my wife’s glasses, our SLR Camera lenses and my sunglasses. They’re fast and easy to use with the simple tear-open package, and they give you an instant clean.
Olivier Bousette, Rittal Systems Ltd., Canada
Just wanted to tell you how handy these wipes are, I also use them for fast window clean ups and mirrors too. My grandson also loves them for his phone etc. I bought a box at Costco and keep them everywhere.
M. Lalonde
"Infinitely better"
There are two possible lives one can lead: one with Optico wipes, and one without. The former is infinitely better.
Valerie L., Marketing Director, Canada
"Excellent product"
Pros: does a great job cleaning lenses and devices!
As a parent of children with glasses I would highly recommend the Optico wipes to keep their lenses clean. Have tried many alternatives but find that the Optico wipes outperform all. Also brilliant for cleaning my Ipad, Iphone, computer screen etc...
Nice product !
DustyRhodes, Via Costco.ca
Only product I've ever used that doesn't streak my glasses!
CA39, Via Costco.ca
"Optico Professional 576 wipes"
Pros: strength +softness
I use this product daily on my computer screen, eye glasses and Ipads
Love the strength and softness of the product and cleanliness
Would recommend to family and friends in a heart beat. "
Nice product !
sydlau, Via Costco.ca
"My favourite."
I can't believe I'm shouting from the rooftops about a cleaning wipe, but I am! I've worn glasses for 25 years, and use my laptop and iPhone all day, most days. Winter time in particular gets so dusty that was constantly scratching my lenses with other products. These wipes leave a 100% streak and lint free, non-scratched, clean surface. They are unlike any other product, far and above anything else I've tried, and I've tried dozens over the years. These are so great, they feel space aged. Love 'em!
Lintfay, Via Costco.ca
"I can see clearly now!"
Pros: lots of uses
I'm an airline pilot, and my company provides these wipes to clean all the screens in the cockpit. I'm so happy I can by them for using at home. It's a Great quality wipe with lots of versatility. I clean my tablet, laptop, computer screen, smartphone, and glasses/sunglasses... Love it.
Germenio, Via Costco.ca
"Great find!"
Pros: the large format box is great for office use, they work really well to get rid of fingerprints
These were recommended to me by a friend. I purchased them for my office and they have been great. We use them to clean all of our computer, iPad and phone screens and they remove all the fingerprints and dust really effectively.
MrK44, Via Costco.ca
These wipes are so convenient. They're especially good for wiping toddler fingerprints of ipads or iphones without leaving any streaks or residue.
TeeTee, Via Costco.ca
"what a great idea!"
Pros: great price great product
I think we're addicted! Once you start using optico cleaning wipes, you will never be satisfied with a dirty phone or computer screen again. They take no time to use and provide great results!
printingguy, Via Costco.ca
"I am so glad these are available online now!"
Pros: super handy buy a box and spread them around!, perfect for screens of all kinds, throw away so do not accumulate specks of dirt
Cons: i can't think of one
I have been buying these Optico Wipes in the stores for years. I love them. I use them on my eye glasses (that are coated), sun glasses , computer screen, iphone, ipad (I have 3 kids so its usually smeared with stuff) and they work great on all of these surfaces. I find that they are so useful and I prefer them over sprays or microfiber cloths because you can keep a few in different spots (like your glove box, desk drawer, purse etc) and also because microfiber cloths sit in your purse or someplace and pick up dirt that you then rub into your glass lenses or screens! I also find they have really improved over the years. I have always liked them but now the liquid quantity is perfect, and the packaging is amazing. I am so glad for these being online :)
Lovetofindnewproducts, Via Costco.ca
"These are fantastic."
Pros: i carry these with me everywhere.
Cons: none.
These wipes are perfect. I own a restaurant and my glasses always get dirty. My shirt is no help so these are great for me. Everyone who sees them wants to use one too. I use them on everything from my glasses to my iPhone. I get shiny cleanliness every time. I recommend these highly. Thank you for making these!
Daddyof2, Via Costco.ca